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An Optimised method to measure the rehablitation for fingers

EasyChair Preprint no. 31

3 pagesDate: April 2, 2018


           In present day,X-rays are more commonly taken for reviewing the development of fractured bones ,this method is quite hazardous and has a lot of side effects due to the radiations, thus there comes a requirement for a radiationless treatment. In this project ,rehabilitation process is done by optimising the present day methods using non radiating(IR) sources. A Leap Motion Sensor is coded in  such a way that the accuracy of the sensor is increased and the gesture is captured which is then  compared with the standard gestures of a normal finger. This method helps in evaluating the abnormalities by oneself. The main purpose of this research reported here is to evaluate an abnormal finger motion using Leap Motion Controller to measure the finger joint angles by using “Criss Cross matrix” algorithm.This sensor is a 3D non-contact motion sensor which can detect gestures.

Keyphrases: Criss Cross Matrix Algorithm, Infra-red, Leap Motion Sensor, performance evaluation

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