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An Efficient Test Time Model for Optimizing Tessent SSN for a 3D Design

EasyChair Preprint no. 7949

4 pagesDate: May 15, 2022


This paper presents an efficient scheme to calculate and optimize test time when using Tessent Streaming Scan Network (SSN) by bypassing the traditional vendor solution of patterns re-targeting process. SSN retargeting process requires stand-alone patterns of all partitions present in SSN network and availability of full chip SoC Netlist model which is too late in the design cycle. Many “case” studies can be performed for estimating test volume/test time, easily without hardware changes using the described algorithm in the paper. This methodology helps to update test network design for optimal test time and volume in very early phase of the project, thereby reducing iterative and late change costs for DFT design.

Keyphrases: 3D, pattern re-targeting, SSN, test time, Test-volume

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