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Exploring the Relationship Between Teacher Acceptance and Children's Self-Esteem

EasyChair Preprint no. 13610

13 pagesDate: June 9, 2024


This paper aims to explore the relationship between teacher acceptance and children's self-esteem. Teacher acceptance refers to the positive attitudes, support, and encouragement that teachers provide to their students, while self-esteem encompasses a child's self-worth and self-confidence. The paper begins by defining and conceptualizing teacher acceptance and self-esteem and highlighting their significance in shaping children's development. It then examines relevant theoretical frameworks, such as Social Learning Theory and Self-Determination Theory, to provide a theoretical foundation for understanding the relationship. Empirical evidence from research studies is presented to demonstrate the impact of teacher acceptance on children's self-esteem, emphasizing both the positive effects of high teacher acceptance and the potential negative consequences of low teacher acceptance. Factors influencing teacher acceptance, including teacher-student relationships, classroom environments, and cultural factors, are explored. Practical strategies for fostering teacher acceptance, such as creating a supportive classroom climate and providing constructive feedback, are provided. The implications of the relationship between teacher acceptance and children's self-esteem for educational practice are discussed, along with recommendations for educators, policymakers, and parents to promote teacher acceptance and enhance children's self-esteem. This paper concludes by emphasizing the importance of fostering teacher acceptance to support positive self-esteem in children and suggesting potential areas for future research on this topic.

Keyphrases: cultural competence, empirical evidence, factors, self-esteem, strategies, teacher acceptance

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