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Research and simulation of communication between MCU and MCGS based on Proteus

EasyChair Preprint no. 5408

4 pagesDate: April 28, 2021


In view of the electronic information engineering major student carries out the single chip microcomputer innovation practice weak present situation, Proteus virtual simulation software is introduced to carry out the second classroom practice teaching, AT89C51 MCU, DS18B20 digital temperature sensor, communication interface circuit, virtual serial port driver software and MCGS system design. The system uses the standard ModbusRTU protocol to collect real-time data from the DS18B20 temperature sensor and upload it to the MCGS configuration interface. At the same time, the button in MCGS controls the 8 LED indicators in the P1 port of the MCU accordingly. Through Proteus simulation, the normal communication between MCGS and MicroController is achieved, which overcomes the problem that students cannot be debug due to hardware design errors in the process of innovative practice, which is conducive to the cultivation of students' innovative thinking and provides ideas for students to carry out innovative practice activities.

Keyphrases: communication, MCGS, MCU, simulation

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