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Policy-Driven Growth of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Eastern Europe: Romania's Experience

EasyChair Preprint no. 13656

18 pagesDate: June 14, 2024


Entrepreneurial ecosystems play a vital role in economic development, particularly in transitioning economies of Eastern Europe. This paper examines Romania's experience in fostering entrepreneurship through policy-driven initiatives. Through a comprehensive analysis, it evaluates the effectiveness of Romania's policy framework, identifies challenges and opportunities, and suggests future directions. Findings reveal the significance of national entrepreneurship policies, regional development initiatives, and public-private partnerships in nurturing a conducive environment for entrepreneurship. Challenges such as limited access to financing and cultural barriers are highlighted, alongside opportunities for growth and improvement. Drawing from comparative analysis and case studies, the paper underscores the importance of cross-border collaborations and knowledge sharing in driving regional entrepreneurship. Recommendations call for policy adjustments, sustained growth strategies, and the incorporation of innovation and technology. Ultimately, the paper advocates for a collective call to action among policymakers, stakeholders, and entrepreneurs to drive positive change and foster a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Romania and Eastern Europe.

Keyphrases: Entrepreneurial, policy-driven, Romania's Experience

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