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Quasi Z Source Inverter Fed V/f Controlled Five Phase Induction Motor Drive Powered

EasyChair Preprint no. 1736

6 pagesDate: October 21, 2019


Impedance Source Inverters are extremely popular these days. They offer simultaneous boosting of input voltage applied as well as inversion operation. The converter achieves this by means of a specially designed impedance network along with H - Bridge. Unlike conventional H – Bridge (HB) inverters, impedance source inverters can boost the supply voltage thereby achieving boost operation. Utilizing this feature, voltage transient due to gird side disturbance, improved control and enhanced fault tolerance capability can be achieved. There are two types of impedance source-based inverters namely Z Source Inverters (ZSI) and quasi Z Source Inverters (qZSI). In this paper, five phase qZSI fed five phase induction motor drive is discussed. V/f control is implemented to induction motor in synchronism with closed loop voltage control of quasi network output voltage. Constraints in the integrated performance are discussed and taken into consideration for development of control algorithm. Simulation results are presented for the system when subjected to different load transients thereby validating the integrated control.

Keyphrases: Five phase Induction motor drive, Quasi Z-Source Inverter, Shoot through duty cycle, V/f control

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