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A Certificateless Multi-Receiver Encryption Scheme Based on SM2 Signature Algorithm

EasyChair Preprint no. 13178

7 pagesDate: May 6, 2024


Provable Data Possession (PDP) enables cloud users to verify the data integrity without retrieving the entire file. All the existing PDP schemes rely on the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The scheme is efficient, flexible and supports private verification, delegated verification and public verification. 2 Ack-Ib-Dpdp is flawed since it fails to achieve soundness. Fix the flaw by presenting a generic construction. A new 2 Ack-Ib-Dpdp protocol is obtained by extending the basic 2 Ack-Ib-Dpdp to multiple clouds environment.  With data storage and sharing services in the cloud, users can easily modify and share data as a group. To ensure shared data integrity can be verified publicly, users in the group need to compute signatures on all the blocks in shared data. Different blocks in shared data are generally signed by different users due to data modifications performed by different users. For security reasons, once a user is revoked from the group, the blocks which were previously signed by this revoked user must be re-signed by an existing user. The straightforward method, which allows an existing user to download the corresponding part of shared data and re-sign it during user revocation, is inefficient due to the large size of shared data in the cloud.

Keyphrases: Cloud Computing, Data Integrity, Provable Data Possession(Pdp), Public Key Infrastructure(PKI)

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