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Corrected Rock Fracture Parameters Applied to Qatari Rock Masses

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8 pagesDate: January 30, 2023


This paper is the continuation of author’s research efforts published in Vučemilović et al. (2021) and an attempt to shed further light on therein laid proposals. In his aforementioned work the Author has introduced a novel parameter for borehole rock mass evaluation purposes, the FIC, and has applied it to Qatari rock masses along with RQDC from Li et al. (2009) which was the first such wide scale application case of this borehole evaluation parameter. In this paper a more detailed background, elaboration and reasoning is presented on why the classical RQD and FI parameters are considered less well suited for Qatari rock masses, and why the new proposed parameters are deemed as better suited. A short history is given on alternative proposals by several authors for improvements and amendments of RQD, as it was proposed by Deere (1963) and Deere and Deere (1988), with their authors’ commentaries. Concrete example of determination of the two parameters from two core box photographs is likewise presented in a joint analysis. Furthermore, scale considerations are presented for both parameters which are essential consideration factor for any borehole parameter. The paper is concluded with remarks on assumed advantages and limitations of the two parameters and their future research and usage prospects, and with the statement that Qatari rock masses are a unique type of rock mass that to date has not been researched or classified among the leading world scientists in this field.

Keyphrases: Corrected Fracture Index, Corrected Rock Quality Designation, Qatar, Rock masses, rock mechanics

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