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Interactive Media Design for Developing Children’s Higher-Order Thingking Skills

EasyChair Preprint no. 10585

6 pagesDate: July 17, 2023


The goal of the research is to design interactive HOTS learning media for children to improve their cognitive abilities. This learning media uses HOTS learning (Higher Order Thinking Skills) or higher order thinking skills that have been recognized and implemented in the education curriculum in Indonesia such as the Kurtilas curriculum and the Merdeka curriculum. The big idea in this lesson emphasizes students want to actively ask questions and in the end be able to evaluate the information that has been obtained. The creative approach used is to use visual motion graphics to build a fun and interactive atmosphere for students and teachers.The development of this learning media is expected to enhance students' higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) in creative, analytical, and innovative thinking, enabling them to critically understand the events that occur in their surroundings.

Keyphrases: children, Education, HOTS, interactive design, Motion Graphic, thinking skills

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