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AutoMSC: Automatic Assignment of Mathematicas Subject Classification Labels

EasyChair Preprint no. 3975

15 pagesDate: July 30, 2020


Authors of research papers in the fields of mathematics, and other math-heavy disciplines commonly employ the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) scheme to search for relevant literature. The MSC is a hierarchical alphanumerical classification scheme that allows librarians to specify one or multiple codes for publications. Digital Libraries in Mathematics, as well as reviewing services, such as zbMATH and Mathematical Reviews (MR) rely on these MSC labels in their workflows to organize abstracts and reviews. Therefore, editors manually assign a coarse-grained classification, which determines the subject editor who then performs the fine-grained labeling.

In this paper, we investigate the feasibility of automatically assigning a coarse-grained primary classification using the MSC scheme, by regarding the problem as a multi-class classification machine learning task. We find that our method achieves an F_1-score of over 77%, which is remarkably close to the agreement of zbMATH and MR (F1-score of 81%). Moreover, we find that the method's confidence score allows reducing the effort by 86% compared to the manual coarse-grained classification effort while maintaining a precision of 81% for automatically classified articles.

Keyphrases: Classification, machine learning, mathematical expression, mathematical formula, Mathematics Subject Classification, MathIR, MSC, msc subject number, multi-class classification, reviewing service, test set

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