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A Framework for Security of DNS Using Cryptography

EasyChair Preprint no. 3793

6 pagesDate: July 8, 2020


The mapping or binding of scientific discipline addresses (IP addresses) to host names became a significant downside within the speedily growing web and also the higher level binding effort went through complexity . Different stages of development upto present used naming system(DNS).The DNS Security is intended to produce security by combining the construct of each Digital Signature and Public Key Cryptography. The DNS security uses Message Digest algorithmic rule to compress the Message(text file) and PRNG(Pseudo Random Number Generator) algorithmic rule for generating public and private key. The message combines with the non-public key to make a Signature exploitation DSA algorithmic rule, that is send together with the general public key. The receiver uses the general public key and DSA algorithmic rule to make a Signature. If this Signature matches with the Signature of the message received, the message is Decrypted and skim else discarded.

Keyphrases: DNS security, name resolution, Name server, PRNG(PSEUDO RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR), Public Key Infrastructure

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