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Model of Agricultural Vehicle Operator’s Seat with PID Control

EasyChair Preprint no. 11751

21 pagesDate: January 12, 2024


Seat needs to be made as comfortable as possible, especially seating in a vehicle, especially in vehicles that always run on uneven surfaces such as fields, there will be many disturbance inputs that cause discomfort or even make the body un-healthy. The use of MSDS as a cushion on the seat is the right choice to reduce disturbance input such as a sudden impact, then the damping contained in it makes vibration and resonance can be reduced properly, but the system will be more if the system is stabli. PID control is one of the control systems that can be added to stabilize this system. In this study, we tested 3 MSDS systems and gave them PID control so that the system became stable and safe.

Keyphrases: control, Mass Spring Damper System, PID control., simulation

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