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Finnish Computing Graduates’ Career Satisfaction

EasyChair Preprint no. 12869

13 pagesDate: April 1, 2024


In this paper, we analyze the results of a survey targeted at former computer science and information technology students five years after graduation. The study analyses how satisfied graduates are with their degree and career. In addition, the survey respondents were asked what knowledge and skills are important in the working life, and how well studies supported those skills. The survey results are used to analyze which factors affected the degree satisfaction. According to the survey results, most graduates are very satisfied with their degree and career. The profession most satisfied with their careers is entrepreneurs. The perceived value of the degree, along with the perception of studies and perception of acquired skills predict the degree satisfaction the most. In contrast, the survey highlighted that university studies could have developed soft skills more in preparation for working life

Keyphrases: career satisfaction, degree satisfaction, post-graduation survey

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