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A Next Generation Data Language Proposal

EasyChair Preprint no. 5302, version 3

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23 pagesDate: April 30, 2021


This paper analyzes the fatal drawback of the relational calculus not allowing relations to be domains of relations, and its consequences entrenched in SQL. In order to overcome this obstacle we propose multitable index – an easily implementable upgrade to an existing data storage, which enables a revolutionary change in the field of data languages – the demotion of relational calculus and “tables”. We propose a new data language with pragmatic typisation where types represent domain knowledge but not memory management. The language handles sets of tuples as first class data objects and supports set operation and tuple (de)composition operations as fluently as basic arith. And it is equally suitable for building-into a general purpose language as well as querying a remote DB (thus removing the ubiquitous gap between SQL and “application”).

Keyphrases: data management, Databases, functional programming, multitable index, programming languages, type system

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