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CFD Analysis of Different Airfoils at Various Angles of Attack

EasyChair Preprint no. 10412

6 pagesDate: June 16, 2023


The effectiveness of the aerodynamic flow is 
significantly influenced by the aerodynamic airfoil 
blades. Selecting the correct airfoil section for the blade 
is essential. The angle of attack and how it impacts lift 
and drag forces, such as whether it creates high lift and 
low drag or vice versa, are crucial aspects that define the 
system's performance. The artwork that was exhibited 
was inspired by this. The study's major goal was to 
compare the NACA 2412, NACA 4412, NACA 23012, and 
NACA 23112 airfoils at various angles of attack while 
keeping the Reynolds number constant. The geometry and 
analysis were done in Ansys-Fluent, and the CFD study 
used the SST K-w model. Calculations were done from 
a variety of attack angles. For the computational 
domain, an unstructured mesh with inflation and 
sphere of effect was selected, taking care of the grid 
refinement surrounding the airfoil to encapsulate the 
boundary layer approach. The results of the CFD 
simulation are very consistent with those obtained 
by experimentation, showing that CFD analysis is a 
reliable substitute for experimental methods.

Keyphrases: Airfoil, angle of attack, Drag coefficient, Lift coefficient

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