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Smart Helmet for Detection of Unsafe Events in Mining Industy Based on IoT

EasyChair Preprint no. 5799

3 pagesDate: June 15, 2021


In current days coal mining has been a totally risky interest which can bring about some of unfavorable consequences at the surroundings for instance in the course of mining operations methane, a regarded greenhouse fueloline, can be launched into the air. Underground mining risks encompass suffocation, fueloline poisoning, roof fall apart and fueloline explosions. Keeping most of these components in thoughts we designed a machine, i.e. clever helmet the use of ZigBee generation for tracking the dangerous gases, strange temperature situations and the humidity degrees withinside the air. The progressed protection capabilities in our machine will dramatically boom lifestyles expectancy of the coal miners through alerting them approximately the risks. A clever helmet has been advanced this is capable of come across of dangerous activities withinside the mines industry. In the improvement of helmet, we've got taken into consideration the 3 foremost varieties of danger consisting of air quality, helmet removal, and collision (miners are struck through an object). The first is the attention degree of the dangerous gases consisting of CO, SO2, NO2, and particulate matter. The 2nd dangerous occasion changed into labeled as a miner doing away with the mining helmet off their head. An IR sensor changed into advanced unsuccessfully however an off-the shelf IR sensor changed into then used to efficaciously decide whilst the helmet is at the miner’s head. The format of the visualisation software program changed into completed, but the implementation changed into unsuccessful. This paper provides the undertaken layout detailing answers to troubles raised in preceding research.

Keyphrases: electricity supply, IoT, Mining and safty, ZigBee Sensor

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