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Supply Chain Management Using Blockchain

EasyChair Preprint no. 1606

7 pagesDate: October 9, 2019


In this study a supply chain management system was developed using blockchain technology. The system, which may be suitable to environment sensitive data and involves a simple market place, where a smart contract is introduced between the seller and the buyer using ethereum when an order is placed. Upon completion of this contract a dierent smart contract is established between the seller and the ship- ping company. This latter contract involves the shipping conditions such as temperature and humidity of the transport medium. These data are recorded using a sensor system in the container and kept in a private blockchain but are available to all the parties involved. Upon delivery of the goods, the buyers approves payment to the supplier if the conditions set for delivery were complied with. Then the seller approves the payment to the shipper and the le is closed. All the transactions are performed using Ether and the private blockchain assures that the shipper has honoured the conditions set forth in the contract.

Keyphrases: Blockcahin, Ethereum, Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Management.

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