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Real Time Remote Solar Monitoring System

EasyChair Preprint no. 51

5 pagesDate: April 8, 2018


The following paper proposes a solar metering system which can be accessed from anywhere for monitoring and analysis of solar setups. It monitors the solar output in real time with ease and therefore any interruption in the system can be immediately monitored. This IOT (Internet of Things) based system is best suited for remote areas where solar systems are setup due to ample availability of solar energy but regular access to the areas is difficult and is not cost efficient. With the demands of renewable and solar energy escalating, this system’s demand and usefulness will blatantly increase .The system comprises of Raspberry PI (a Microcontroller based Computer), MCP3008 (Analog to Digital Convertor), DC Voltage Transducer and current shunt. The system has been developed using Virtual Instrument Programming Language LabVIEW

Keyphrases: IoT, LabVIEW, Raspberry Pi, real-time, remote, transducer

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