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Fuzzy Truth Maintenance System

EasyChair Preprint no. 3594, version 3

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4 pagesDate: January 24, 2023


Knowledge is key factor in AI problem solving. Sometimes knowledge available to the AI problem is incomplete. John McCarthy proposed non-monotonic reasoning for incomplete problems in which inference is changed if added some knowledge. John There is no method to solve the non-monotonic reasoning. The fuzzy non-monotonic logic is able to solve problems of non-monotonic reasoning. In this paper, fuzzy non-monotonic logic is studied to solve problems of non-monotonic reasoning. Fuzzy truth maintenance system (FTMS) algorithm is studied for fuzzy non-monotonic reasoning. Some examples are discussed for fuzzy non-monotonic reasoning.

Keyphrases: fuzzy non-monotonic reasoning, Fuzzy Truth Maintenance System, non-monotonic reasoning, two fold fuzzy set

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