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A Critical Review of Multiway Adjustable Car Seats for Physically Challenged

EasyChair Preprint no. 9286

10 pagesDate: November 9, 2022


Comfort plays a major role while driving a vehicle. Vehicle seat plays one of the major role in this aspect. In addition to sophistication, there is lot of scope for improving comfort in vehicle seat. That too physically challenged people are facing lot of difficulties in it. Nowadays electrical and electronics plays a vital role in the field of automation and actuation control techniques. So, the primary objective is to develop the mechanism for easy accessibility of seats for physically challenged people. The system includes a sliding rail, swivel plate and a DC Motor. The sliding rail is used to move the seat forward and backward. The swivel plate is used to turn the seat at about 360⁰. The seat turns up to a reasonable position towards the direction of the door and moves front. A DC motor is used as an actuator in this system. The DC motor will do all these processes easily that makes no work to passenger. This makes a very comfortable entry and exit of physically challenged people. This mechanism can be fitted in any type of car.

Keyphrases: Automation, car seat, DC motor, physically challenged people, sliding rail, Swivel plate

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