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Satellite Telemetry and Telecommand of GNSS Anomalies Detection from Botnets Methodology

EasyChair Preprint no. 10466

4 pagesDate: June 28, 2023


The data volume from Space is going to catch the levels need to be managed by others tools and methodologies. The levels of data are orchestrated by several criterias : nature, type, volume, form. As the monitoring as operational process are performed at the ground segment, the data process shall be automated to improve the Space management to commercial, science and exploration missions. In pursuing this purpose, the Space team incident response shall integrate the anomalies detection by the artificial intelligence by the botnets. The tools and the methodology require the introduction of botnets in the specific configuration to react at the moment where the data process adopts an abnormal behaviour. This operational process is linked with data model expected for the missions at the beginning of its development. This step is the result of methodology to be applied to ensure the GNSS monitoring for a subsystem thanks to the simulation tools.

Keyphrases: Anomalies, Botnets, data detection, Telemetry and Command

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