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Simulation of the Brague Flood of October 2015 in Southeast of France

EasyChair Preprint no. 11432

14 pagesDate: December 1, 2023


The Brague watershed (Alpes-Maritimes) is recurrently subjected to flash floods known as "Cévenol" events, which result in flooding and damage. In October 2015, the municipalities of Biot and Antibes were particularly severely affected. The hydrometric station of the Brague river was damaged during the flood and did not provide a complete record. This flood event was previously studied using hydrological approaches or 2D hydraulic modeling tools with adaptive mesh refinement. Here, we propose to model and simulate this event in the downstream area of the Brague, based on a 2D approach on an unstructured mesh using the TELEMAC-MASCARET modeling software.

Keyphrases: 2D hydraulics, Flash floods, numerical modeling, TELEMAC-2D

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