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Ethical Horizons in AI Development: Interdisciplinary Perspectives for Responsible Progress

EasyChair Preprint no. 12711

13 pagesDate: March 22, 2024


As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies continue to permeate various aspects of society, there is a pressing need to ensure their development and deployment align with ethical principles. This paper explores the convergence of ethics and AI, offering interdisciplinary insights into fostering responsible progress in this rapidly evolving field. Drawing upon perspectives from ethics, computer science, psychology, law, and philosophy, we delve into key considerations and challenges associated with AI development. Our analysis emphasizes the importance of ethical frameworks, transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in guiding AI innovation and deployment. Furthermore, we discuss the implications of AI technologies on societal values, individual rights, and global governance. By integrating diverse disciplinary perspectives, this paper aims to inform policymakers, researchers, and practitioners about the ethical dimensions of AI development and facilitate collaborative efforts toward a more responsible and human-centric AI ecosystem.

Keyphrases: Accountability, Artificial Intelligence, ethical frameworks, ethics, Governance, Inclusivity, interdisciplinary, Responsible Development, societal impact, transparency

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