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Performance Analysis of Multilevel Clustering Protocol with Energy Efficiency and Reliabilty

EasyChair Preprint no. 10032

9 pagesDate: May 9, 2023


Wireless Senor Networks (WSNs) have two  critical requirements: lengthy network of lifespan and also end-to-end dependability. The Sensor nodes use larger energy while data communication than they do during the data detection. In a wireless network, superfluous data increases the energy consumption, delay, reliability while data transmission. As a result, it is even critical to ensure dependable, energy-efficient data transfer in WSN. In this study we also examine, clustered network design, as well as a variety of energy- saving strategies and approaches for assuring packet delivery. Because of its key attributes including low power consumption, scalability, the capacity to respond quickly and reliably, dynamic nature, low cost, and ease of installation, Applications for wireless sensor networks may be found in many different industries. Finding acceptable intra-cluster and inter-cluster communication protocols that are energy efficient, scalable, and reliable is the major goal of this research. As a result, the planned research project involves three distinct phases. Trio protocols—Energy Efficient and Reliable Clustering Routing Protocol , Energy Efficient and Reliable MAC Protocol, and Energy Efficient and Reliable Hybrid Transport Protocol—are the subject of the proposed research project in order to accomplish the required outcomes (EERHTP). Cluster formation and efficient data transfer are aided by the intra-cluster communication protocols EERCRP and EERMAC. For inter-cluster communication, EERHTP is a transport layer protocol.

Keyphrases: Clustering, efficiency, MAC., networks, Protocols, Reliability, Sensors

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