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Implementing and Solving Games with Best Payoff Method

EasyChair Preprint no. 7895

10 pagesDate: May 3, 2022


It is our intention, in this chapter, to propose and discuss the Best Payoff Method, a new method to resolve games. This is made exemplifying the application of the method to a pay raise voting game, that is a perfect information sequential game, without having yet formulated it, and then deploying the algorithm for its implementation. In the next examples we consider an imperfect information game and a game with random characteristics. We finish confronting the equilibrium concepts mentioned in this work: Subgame Perfect Nash Equilibrium, Nash Equilibrium, and Best Payoff Equilibrium through the formulation of some conjectures, and with a short conclusions section.

Keyphrases: Best payoff method, imperfect information game, perfect information game, selection process game

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