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Ecoinformatics Tools and Gims - Technology in the Water Quality Monitoring

EasyChair Preprint no. 3328

8 pagesDate: May 4, 2020


Basic GIS imperfection consists in that it does not orient on multi-plane prognosis of the monitoring object evolution. With the help of technology modeling, the GIS can be extended to global information-modeling system (GIMS), modifying some functions of the user interface for computer cartographic systems, including forecasting assessments of conditions for environmental system functioning within predefined scenarios. Furthermore, these parametric changes can be used both for the evaluation of model coefficients and for the prognostic assessment of environmental dynamics based on the evolutionary modeling. Such a modification requires the support of combining mathematical modeling with remote sensing to solve many problems. The questions discussed in this paper are some of part of numerous global ecodynamics problems a solution of which is barest necessity of today under rational management of natural systems. Basic defect of elaborated and used geo-ecological monitoring technologies consists in the efforts to do the integrating reasoning for the environmental system state on the base of study of separate systems. The GIMS provides remote sensing, on-ground (on-site) samplings, using GIS-information and mathematical modeling of physics-chemical processes in selected areas. GIMS-technology can effectively be applied for solving many agricultural, hydrological, environmental and many other Earth related problems. The MFIMS can used under the water media or other liquids quality control under the expedition conditions when chemical laboratory no exist

Keyphrases: Ecoinformatics, spectroellipsometer, water quality monitoring

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