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Challenges of Sustainable and Equal Development of Regions in Georgia

EasyChair Preprint no. 5871

6 pagesDate: June 23, 2021


In the present paper is analysed opinions about the tools for sustainable development and the ways to reduce inequality. Has been estimated the importance of regional development programs and strategies as the settlement of the economic and social issues, provided proof of their role in the effective development of regional economic policy. Has been determined the concentration level of economic activity by regions using distribution index to estimate equal development of regions. Has been made the conclusion that none of the regions of Georgia is notably specialized. The concentration level of business sectors in regions is substantiated by the distribution curve. In distribution curve was considered retail and wholesale distribution, as an example of maximally near to ideal distribution. It is proved by the analysis of distribution of curves, that the concentration level of business sectors in Georgian regions is quite unequal and none of them could be highlighted in industry specialization. The paper identifies the problems related to sustainable and equal development of regions, provided conclusions and recommendations to settle the mentioned issue by their estimation. In the process of study has been determined the factors of endogenous development of regions and advisable to improve the quality and efficiency of regional development institutions through the development of trial-programs for regional development.

Keyphrases: one, three, two

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