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E-Learning in the Present-Day Context: from the Experience of Foreign Languages Department, PSACEA

EasyChair Preprint no. 4239

9 pagesDate: September 22, 2020


In present context of COVID-19 lockdown pedagogies had to turn from in-person to virtual instructions computer-mediated communication (CMC). The three-dimensional model of the e-learning, which includes the principles of knowledge acquisition at ‘any place’, at ‘any time’, at ‘any speed’ is incomplete without the organizational culture component. The analysis of what e-learning modes are used in a particular institution, to measure the efficiency of distance courses, to suggest the most effective model and the ways of e-learning integration into a particular HEI according to its needs’ analysis was set up as the aim of this article. To achieve this aim, a complex of qualitative and quantitative research methods was applied. On the first stage, a literature review was conducted in which we analyzed definitions of ‘distance learning’ and ‘e-learning’, collected main characteristics, quality parameters, and models of the distance and e-learning. On the later phases we introduced the form ‘Analysis of the Distance Learning Tools Preferences’, disseminated among teachers; a questionnaire ‘Distance Learning Mode of Work Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction’, ‘The Instructional Materials Motivation (IMMS)’ online survey by J.M. Keller to measure efficiency of the distance learning courses design. The empirical data was collected at Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture,Department of Foreign Languages during March-May, 2020. Thirty instructors from the Department and twenty-three students from the first-third years of Foreign Languages studies who regularly participated in online lessons took part in the experiment. Based on the theoretical and empirical data, we got a picture of the e-learning state in our HEI, proved that the forms and questionnaires used in the experiment may serve as informative tools of quantitative measurement, drafted the format for further improvement of the e-learning in our organization.

Keyphrases: computer-mediated communication, context of lockdown, distance learning, e-learning, one, three, two

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