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A Pressure-Coupled Drucker Function for Plasticity and Fracture Modeling of AA5182

EasyChair Preprint no. 4466

7 pagesDate: October 26, 2020


In this paper, a pressure-coupled Drucker function is proposed to model the plastic deformation and fracture from shear to plane strain tension of AA5182 sheet. Experiments are conducted for AA5182 in shear, uniaxial tension and plane strain tension. The force-stroke curves are measured during the tests. The plastic deformation is modeled by the pressure coupled Drucker function, which is also used to model the fracture limit stress of the alloy. The pressure coupled Drucker function for plasticity and fracture is calibrated by an inverse engineering approach. The calibrated plasticity models are then applied to numerical prediction of plastic deformation of the alloy under various loading conditions. It is observed that the pressure coupled Drucker function accurately describes the plastic deformation under large plastic deformation as well as the onset of ductile fracture under various loading conditions.

Keyphrases: Aluminum alloy, coupled drucker, Ductile fracture, Sheet metal forming, yield function

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