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An Improved Framework for Identifying Emerging Author Keywords

EasyChair Preprint no. 4529

3 pagesDate: November 7, 2020


Keywords are consensus expressions of a concept formed by researchers in a specific field. They are the words that express the main topics of your research article. The emergence of new keywords performs better in representing the innovative state of scientific research in a specific discipline. Therefore, identifying emerging keywords can monitor the evolution of research topics and find valuable researches early. In previous studies, the bibliometric method has been widely adopted into the pioneering works of identifying emerging topic or technology. Novelty and growth are the earliest adopted and most basic characteristics of an emerging topic. Time feature is the essential element of measuring novelty, and it is an objective physical variable that is not affected by external factors. However, it is inadequate for different keywords to characterize novelty only considering the time factor, because different keywords may have personalized novelty at the same time point. Therefore, we proposed an approach that can measure the dynamic novelty of the individual keyword.

Keyphrases: dynamical novelty, emerging keywords, emerging topic, life cycle

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