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A Novel Admission Control Scheme for Network Slicing based on Squatting and Kicking Strategies

EasyChair Preprint no. 1507

8 pagesDate: September 12, 2019


New services and applications have imposed different quality of service (QoS) requirements on the network slicing. In order to meet the differentiated service requirements, the current Internet service model has to include the support for the emerging real-time applications from 5G networks. The admission control mechanisms are expected to be one of the key components of the future integrated service Internet model for providing multi-level service guarantees with the different classes of service. Therefore, this paper introduces a new flexible admission control mechanism based on squatting and kicking techniques (SKM) which can be employed under network slicing scenario. From the results, SKM provides 100% total resource utilization in bandwidth context and 100% acceptance ratio for highest priority class under different input traffic volumes, which cannot be achieved by other existing schemes such as AllocTC-Sharing model due to priority constraints.

Keyphrases: Acceptance ratio, accepted demand, admission control, admission control model, class number, Class of Service, high priority class, highest priority class, Network Slicing, SKM, Tematica RNG, Tipo TF, Utilization Optimization

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