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AI-DOC: a Mini Healthcare Assistant for the Digital World

EasyChair Preprint no. 7367

7 pagesDate: January 25, 2022


In today’s times, healthcare cost is increasing with
each passing day but there are many instances when money and
energy can be saved using the power of Artificial Intelligence.
Data is available in huge amounts and can be used for our
benefit to solve several problems. It is also seen that analyzing
and accessing reports is cumbersome for most people. Moreover,
many people lack the basic knowledge of several prevalent
diseases. In the given work, the authors propose a solution to
all the aforementioned problems, called the AI-DOC. It is an
application that uses data and machine learning models and aims
at providing a low-cost service of predicting diseases like breast
cancer, diabetes, liver disease, malaria, pneumonia, and sepsis by
anyone, anywhere. AI-DOC is created to make medical treatment
hassle-free and available for all. COVID-19 pandemic has proved
the importance of such applications as people dread to go out
and consult a doctor. This application has the potential to help
millions of people to self-diagnose and take necessary measures
in time.

Keyphrases: CNN, Gradient Boosting, KNN, linear regression, self-analysis

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