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Co-Located GNSS Stations Within the Italian National Tide Gauge Network

EasyChair Preprint no. 6975

5 pagesDate: November 1, 2021


The purpose of this work is to introduce the ISPRA project aiming to realize a permanent GNSS coastal network co-located with the tide gauges of the ISPRA national network. The objective of integrating the two networks is to link the reference points of the tide gauge to an absolute ITRS reference system (International Terrestrial Reference System). In particular, the GNSS network allows the continuous monitoring of vertical movements; the medium-long term series analysis will allow to discriminate between the effect of vertical movements possibly present in the areas where the tide gauges are installed from the sea level variation due as an effect of the climate change. At the same time this network can contribute to the study of: the Italian geodynamic evolution, the subsidence phenomena, the evolution of the Italian coasts and the risk scenarios preparation especially in densely populated coastal areas.

Keyphrases: climate change, coastal areas, GNSS, reference system, tide gauges

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