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Design and Optimization of ISFET for Health Care Applications

EasyChair Preprint no. 10025

6 pagesDate: May 9, 2023


ISFET is known as Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistors. By considering measurement of sensitivity, simple integration process we can say that ISFET is very much used for medical applications. Some of the features of ISFET are rapid reaction rate, small size, single integration process and rapid reaction time. It is fabricated with the help of the CMOS technology. ISFETs are developed by refining the layout of MOSFET. Some medical applications of ISFET are detection of DNA hybridization, biomarker detection from blood, antibody detection, glucose measurement and pH sensing. The ISFET is also the basis for later Bio FETs, such as the DNA field-effect transistor (DNAFET), used in genetic technology. Here, we design two dimensional ISFET and measuring sensitivity by considering two different electrolytes. And identifying best oxide in case of both the electrolytes when different oxides are taken into consideration.

Keyphrases: ISFET, pH sensor, Semiconductors, sensitivity

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