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Virtual CDNs over 5G networks: scenarios and requirements for ultra-high definition media distribution

EasyChair Preprint no. 134

6 pagesDate: May 16, 2018


The 5G advent is stimulating research and development of new solutions and tools to serve the Media & Entertainment industry in order to cope with all the demanding requirements for very high volume (downlink and uplink), for service fruition across multiple devices, for anytime and anywhere coverage, for Quality of Service and security. In this paper, we focus on scenarios and requirements to implement orchestrated virtual CDNs in 5G networks used to distribute ultra-high-definition media contents. This work originates from the research activities within the H2020 5GMEDIA project, in which We are designing a solution across the edge Point of Presence (PoP) and core data-centers of an operator network, to allow the distribution of UHD media contents from central production centers to end users. Our vCDN solution can elastically cross various anchor points for fixed and/or mobile broadband services down till personal devices, both fixed and mobile to properly serve users attached to the 5G network. The work reports on results of our initial design phases and focuses on the specific scenarios and requirements in our scope. The implementation of the designed virtual CDN solution powered by the 5G-MEDIA management and orchestration platform is an ongoing task, which – once completed - will allow us to validate the proposed scenarios and service orchestration approaches through the 5G-MEDIA in the project testbeds.

Keyphrases: Edge Cloud, Network Function Virtualization, UHD distribution, virtual CDN

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