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Fuzzy Criptography for Web Data Security

EasyChair Preprint no. 11760

4 pagesDate: January 13, 2024


Security of the data is major issues for data analytics and data science when the original data is not to be disclosed.  The conventional encrypt and decryption methods are not sufficient for security of data particularly web data. There is a fuzzy method useful for not to disclose original data for data analytics of business intelligence. In this paper, data is inherently defied with fuzziness for secrecy.    Fuzzy security is studied for web data mining.  The data will be fuzzification     for data analysis so that the original data need not be disclosed. The fuzzy data mining and fuzzy reasoning is studied for the fuzzy data. Security with encryption and decryption is studied with mind values. Fuzzy Data mining and fuzzy Web data mining is discussed fuzzy sets. The business intelligence is given examples.

Keyphrases: Data Analytics, fuzzy data mining, Fuzzy Logic, fuzzy security, fuzzy web data mining

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