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Towards an Uncertainty Management Framework for Model-Based Definition and Enterprise

EasyChair Preprint no. 6807

8 pagesDate: October 8, 2021


Globally the manufacturing industry is undergoing a shift in the way product specifications are defined, used, and re-used from conventional drawing-based systems to a comprehensive 3D digital product model. This transformation is at the heart of the digitization processes. The true benefits lie in the adoption of this technology throughout the product lifecycle. However, this digital transformation is partial and many of the stages in the product lifecycle are still heavily reliant on traditional drawings. This is due to the involvement of several uncertainties in the process of adoption of model-based definition. In this paper, a framework is proposed for the systematic assessment of the prevailing uncertainties in the adoption of model-based definition and enterprise. The framework proposed in this paper is aimed at identifying, categorizing, prioritizing, and mitigating the uncertainties in this process.

Keyphrases: Digital Manufacturing, High-value manufacturing, Model Based Enterprise, Model-Based Definition, pairwise comparison, pedigree assessment, product lifecycle, Relative significance, Uncertainties, Uncertainty management, uncertainty management framework

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