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Development of IoT based Safety and Security Mechanism for Bikers

EasyChair Preprint no. 4774

9 pagesDate: December 23, 2020


This paper is an initiative to make motorbike driving safer and secure than its previous condition. This technology works on the Global system of mobile communication. This paper works with the application of various sensors connected with a microprocessor so that they can work with better coordination. When the driver crashes, all the sensors get activated by a microprocessor with the help of an accelerometer sensor that detects the accident. After getting a signal from the accelerometer, the microcontroller sends a signal to GSM and GPS so that they can send a message to the medical emergency team so that they could react early. The objective of this paper is to decrease every chances of accidents and also prevent vehicle theft. Our helmet work with the coordination with a special circuit called transmitter and receiver and a processing device, which have a coded software. Now we circuit with the sending unit, receiving unit, and a microprocessor with all sensors.

Keyphrases: GPS, GSM, Helmet, IoT, Microcontroller, Relay, ZigBee

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