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Chatbot for Weather API Using Python

EasyChair Preprint no. 5996

4 pagesDate: July 3, 2021


A chatbot is an application that enables auditory and textual approaches as a person to be used to launch and continue a conversation. Chatbots can be used by end customers or normal people, they identify the intension of customer and respond to it accordingly. Many organizations have been using chatbots extensively. Chatbots became well known since they are available 24/7, and they provide the consumers with positive service and are much cheaper.

            Chatbot for weather API helps in extricating the temperature. for instance, in the event that I need to know a temperature at a specific area that is given as the input, when we run the code which is written in python coordinates to whether API where the connection referenced and it likewise utilizes Rasa NLU that is fundamentally used to assemble chatbots and voice applications, as the outcome bot reacts to the information and showcases the temperature both by typescript and audio.

Keyphrases: Application, Chatbot, Rasa Core, RASA NLU, weather API

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