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Employee Engagement Based Framework for the Introduction of Internal Marketing and IntCRM in the It Sector

EasyChair Preprint no. 7062

15 pagesDate: November 22, 2021


The Information Technology (IT) sector is one of the most dynamic and volatile sectors of the economy all over the world. Contrary to the other sectors, there has been a significant growth of this service sector during the COVID-19 pandemic, causing its restructuring and redefining the role in the knowledge-based economy. It needs constant skill up-gradation and the design of new management structures to empower and engage employees in order to stimulate productivity and garner employee satisfaction. The work culture of this sector has metamorphosed recently and it now emphasises flat organizational structures, as there is the ever-increasing realisation of the importance of employees’ roles in the organizations. Hence, the concepts of Internal Marketing and Internal Consumer Satisfaction are required to be introduced, embedded, and given importance now more than ever, in this sector. The striking element of this concept is that employees are treated as internal customers. This paper highlights the importance of Internal Marketing and Internal Customer Relationship Management (IntCRM) in order to leverage the transformational growth of the Indian IT sector in the times to come. This research also provides a conceptual framework for Internal Customer Satisfaction that highlights the major factors and organizational drivers of employee engagement that are responsible for executing a successful Internal Marketing and IntCRM regime. The framework can be applied to other sectors as well, in order to increase internal customer satisfaction so that it can lead to better external customer satisfaction, eventually leading to an increase in profits, commitment, and growth of the organizations.

Keyphrases: Employee Engagement, holistic framework, Information Technology (IT) sector, Internal Customer Relationship Management (IntCRM), Internal Employee Satisfaction, Internal Marketing

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