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Cost Effective Service Oriented Model for Recruitment

11 pagesPublished: March 18, 2022


Quality human resources are the most important issue for the success of a company as almost all of the companies are today knowledge driven and use information technology to operate their systems. All these companies have HR managers to recruit the people to match their requirements as per required skills, experience etc. In order to meet the requirement of skilled workforce companies recruit fresher candidates across the country from different educational Institutions and obviously it is a very complex process. The complexity is manifold for different rounds of recruitment process, involvement of human resources, travel etc. and incur huge cost too. The traditional methods of recruitment are On-Campus (where the Organization visits the educational Institutes) and Off-campus (Candidates visit the office of the recruiter). Both of these models are costly and have many complexities. This research work proposes a new service based model that will reduce the complexity of the existing recruitment process, dynamic in nature (helps in quick recruitment) and saves the cost drastically. The proposed model analyzes the skill level of the applicants from all possible perspectives that helps the companies to find out suitable resources for them. A real life case study is also shown to depict the cost effectiveness of the proposed model.

Keyphrases: lattice, Recruitment, service model

In: Bidyut Gupta, Ajay Bandi and Mohammad Hossain (editors). Proceedings of 37th International Conference on Computers and Their Applications, vol 82, pages 21--31

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