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A Problem Meta-Data Library for Research in SAT

9 pagesPublished: March 15, 2019


Experimental data and benchmarks play a crucial role in developing new algorithms and implementations of SAT solvers. Besides comparing and evaluating solvers, they provide the basis for all kinds of experiments, for setting up hypothesis and for testing them. Currently – even though some initiatives for setting up benchmark databases have been undertaken, and the SAT Competitions provide a “standardized” collection of instances – it is hard to assemble benchmark sets with prescribed properties. Moreover, the origin of SAT instances is often not clear, and benchmark collections might contain duplicates. In this paper we suggest an approach to store meta-data information about SAT instances, and present an implementation that is capable of collecting, assessing and distributing benchmark meta-data.

Keyphrases: experiments, meta-data library, problem fingerprinting

In: Daniel Le Berre and Matti Järvisalo (editors). Proceedings of Pragmatics of SAT 2015 and 2018, vol 59, pages 144--152

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