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Clausal Proof Compression

6 pagesPublished: September 27, 2016


Although clausal propositional proofs are significantly smaller compared
to resolution proofs, their size is still too large for several
applications. In this paper we present several methods to compress
clausal proofs. These methods are based on a two phase approach. The
first phase consists of a light-weight compression algorithm that can
easily be added to satisfiability solvers that support the emission
of clausal proofs. In the second phase, we propose to use a powerful
off-the-shelf general-purpose compression tool, such as bzip2 and
7z. Sorting literals before compression facilitates a delta encoding,
which combined with variable-byte encoding improves the quality of the
compression. We show that clausal proofs can be compressed by one order
of magnitude by applying both phases.

Keyphrases: Compression, proof, SAT

In: Boris Konev, Stephan Schulz and Laurent Simon (editors). IWIL-2015. 11th International Workshop on the Implementation of Logics, vol 40, pages 21--26

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