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SUMO Based Platform for Cooperative Intelligent Automotive Agents

17 pagesPublished: August 13, 2019


Starting from the problems of nowadays’ urban traffic (congestions, imperfect timing of traffic lights, high impact of lane changes) we investigate the feasibility of a cooperative intelligent agent based solution as an overall control scheme governing the car flow in congested urban intersections.
The proposed complex solution features both the intelligent traffic control and the car platooning. In order to test and verify the merits of the proposed solution in urban intersection of a widely variable topology, but also to support our future research aims, a simulation platform, extending the basic functionalities of SUMO with the options of intelligent communication and cooperative co-acting, was designed and developed.

Keyphrases: crossing scheduling, intelligent traffic control systems, multiagent simulation platform, platooning, Simulation of Urban Mobility, Smart Cars

In: Melanie Weber, Laura Bieker-Walz, Robert Hilbrich and Michael Behrisch (editors). SUMO User Conference 2019, vol 62, pages 107--123

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