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The Design and Implementation of a Cloud Based Presentation System

10 pagesPublished: September 26, 2019


Internet’s influence has been growing at a rapid speed, and so has been the demand for web based application. The migration from stand-alone to platform independent application offers benefits in terms of maintainability, scalability and ease of deployment.
Web Based Presentation System also referred to be as WBPS is an attempt to minimize the dependence on stand-alone applications, and additionally provide a comprehensive browser based solution which administers users, schedules presentations and provide a platform independent tool for presentations.
In the past, faculties have been required to manually schedule presentations for the students using the calendar, and publishing the schedule calendar. Students were to give their presentation using presentation tools as Microsoft PowerPoint, Dyknow and
With WBPS, faculties have the ability to allow the system to auto schedule presentation, and publish the presentation schedule. Students can upload their presentations, and use an online presentation tool for giving their presentation. The faculties have a choice to choose between manual scheduling verses automatic scheduling. Besides being an online tool for giving presentations, the WBPS have features like Member Management, Past and Presentation Templates Repository, Automated Reminders and taking Notes or making annotations while attending a presentation.

Keyphrases: freehand annotation, Presentation System, sticky note annotation, web-based system

In: Quan Yuan, Yan Shi, Les Miller, Gordon Lee, Gongzhu Hu and Takaaki Goto (editors). Proceedings of 32nd International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering, vol 63, pages 221--230

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