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Importance of Certification in the Construction Industry: Case of Value Engineering

9 pagesPublished: May 26, 2024


Construction project cost saving can be achieved while sacrificing the performance, quality or safety levels without knowing. With the increasing demands of project owners, it is key to optimize cost, performance and quality to obtain the needed value. Value engineering (VE) is a potential tool for achieving value in projects. The Southwest Florida region in the United States of America (USA) experienced an influx of people with increased number of construction projects, but it was not apparent whether the needed value was being obtained by the project owners. Therefore, research was conducted focusing on VE implementation in various construction projects with the specific aim of investigating the existence of VE, amount of its use, certifications and outcomes. Online survey questionnaire was administered to construction practitioners in the region to get their feedback about VE. Results showed that VE was used by experienced contractors who were mainly involved in various projects where they benefited from using VE. However, the knowledge of VE was not at the required level with limited VE certifications to warrant demonstrated qualifications to provide value in projects. It was recommended that more VE training was needed to streamline efforts for certification and value addition in the construction industry.

Keyphrases: certification, construction project, value analysis, Value Management

In: Tom Leathem, Wesley Collins and Anthony J. Perrenoud (editors). Proceedings of 60th Annual Associated Schools of Construction International Conference, vol 5, pages 677--685

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