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Checking Unsatisfiability Proofs in Parallel

16 pagesPublished: March 15, 2019


Contemporary SAT solvers emit unsatisfiability proofs in the DRAT format to increase confidence in their answers. The state-of-the-art proof verifier drat-trim uses backward- checking and deletion information to efficiently check unsatisfiability results. Checking large proofs still takes as long as solving a formula, and therefore parallelization seems to be a promising approach. However, Heule et al. stated that parallelization of the backward- checking procedure is difficult since clausal proofs do not include dependency information. In this paper, we present a parallelization approach and a prototypical implementation that scales reasonably compared to its sequential version.

In: Daniel Le Berre and Matti Järvisalo (editors). Proceedings of Pragmatics of SAT 2015 and 2018, vol 59, pages 34--49

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