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Infrastructure Development of Non DHT-Based Pyramid Tree Network Architecture

8 pagesPublished: March 22, 2023


In this paper, we have considered a recently reported 2-layer non-DHT-based structured P2P network. It is an interest-based system and consists of different clusters such that peers in a given cluster possess instances of a particular resource type. It offers efficient data look-up protocols with low latency. However, the architecture lacks in one very important aspect: it is assumed that no peer in any cluster can have more than one resource type, and this could be a very hard restriction practically. This is true for all interest-based works existing in the literature. Therefore, in the present work, we have addressed this issue of generalizing the architecture to overcome this restriction and so far, have come up with some significant initial results. Work is being on to complete the generalization process. We have identified some of our previously reported data look-up protocols that will need to be modified in order to accommodate the new findings toward the generalization and while doing so, we aim at keeping the data look-up latencies of these probable modified protocols unchanged. In addition, our objective is to consider security in communication in the generalized architecture as well. To achieve it, we aim at using mainly public key-based approach for the different look-up protocols reported earlier, because results obtained so far in this direction indicate that the required number of public-private key pairs will be much smaller than the number of symmetric keys if symmetric key-based approach is used.

Keyphrases: Architecture, non-dht, P2P network

In: Ajay Bandi, Mohammad Hossain and Ying Jin (editors). Proceedings of 38th International Conference on Computers and Their Applications, vol 91, pages 116--123

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