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Superhuman Sports Games in Laval Virtual

9 pagesPublished: February 11, 2018


We propose to organize a Superhuman Sports Games1 in Laval Virtual. Superhuman Sports is a new form of sports based on the human-machine integration technology that provides new experiences by augmenting our body. Through superhuman sports experiences, people can realize what when our body and machine integrate naturally, human can overcome individual physical differences, and simultaneously, people can believe human can exceed our physical limitations. For this event, we prepared 3 games to provide physical augmentation experiences. Bubble Jumper augments our jumping function and shock absorption function without using any motors, Sli-de-rift adds new foot function with assist motor and Omni wheels, and Carry Otto augments running with in wheel motor.

Keyphrases: handicapped, Human Augmentation, local culture, Superhuman Sports

In: Akihiko Shirai, Laurent Chretien, Anne-Sophie Clayer, Simon Richir and Shoichi Hasegawa (editors). ReVo 2017: Laval Virtual ReVolution 2017 "Transhumanism++", vol 1, pages 60--68

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