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Quality Standard of the Bivalve Mollusk “Concha Prieta” (Anadara Tuberculosa)

EasyChair Preprint no. 5734

7 pagesDate: June 6, 2021


The objective of this research was to design a quality standard for the blyvalve mollusc "concha prieta" (Anadara tuberculosa). A documentary research methodology based on extensive bibliographic review was applied. As a result, the most relevant criteria were obtained as microbiological and toxicological; size and size; integrity and freshness and raw protein content on a dry basis. The nutritional quality is based at its high content of proteins of high biological value, vitamins and minerals and fatty acids, beneficial to the body. Consumers prefer them fresh, large in size, without damage to the sight or presence of microbiological, chemical and toxicological contaminants that affect their innocuity. The original contribution of this study was the design of a quality standard based on indicators of microbiological and toxicological quality, those of physical and sensological quality, nutritionals, and the estimated values at market. It consists of five levels: Premium "A", Extra "B", Superior "C", Medium "D" and Unfit "E". The best level is Premium "A", which includes "concha prieta" without defects, free of biological or chemical contaminants, or values that are within the allowed limits, with a size equal to or greater than 50 mm. It is concluded that the most relevant indicators for the design of the quality standard were microbiological, toxicological, physical, organoleptic and nutritional. The comprehensive management of these indicators will allow to estimate the different values of the product in the market.

Keyphrases: Frescura, Inocuidad, Molusco bivalvo, Talla, valor nutricional

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